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I wanted to post a photo of the mess I am left with after spending 470$ at this salon. Unsurprisingly they have blocked anyone from posting photos on their page,and after reading many other bad reviews I now know why.

I was supposed to have rose gold ombré and I also got a keratin treatment. After washing with the expensive products they insisted I purchased in order to "guarantee" the treatment my hair was left brittle and dry. I'm talking a good 4 inches of damage ! It's fried. They wanted me to sign a release form and pay to have it notarized in order to get a refund. Where is the logic in that?! I have to pay to get a refund ?! They would not budge on the issue and when I told the owner I would be going to the media with this she told me she will be printing out all of my reviews and showing her attorney and that it will come back to *** me! Sorry but I've already been bitten by a hair disaster , not much more you can do to me.

Not to mention they took back the product I returned and never gave me a refund because they refused to do 2 seperate refunds and wanted refund services and product together. So now almost 500$later I have fried hair and no product.

I will be contacting avedas corporate office next and the news.

I hope I save someone else from the emotional distress of having their hair ruined and then being treated like a problem.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $470.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Merritt Island, Florida, United States #1264576

I have a similar picture of my hair that I had to get cut because they ruined it! They also did not want to give me a dime or take any responsibility.

They are somehow able to alter their reviews and have things removed.

They even called the cops on me, who then told me it's not the first time. Good luck!

to Anonymous Orlando, Florida, United States #1264593

I say we pass out flyers with photos of what they did to our hair. I never received a refund , not even for the product that I brought back.

They are a bunch of lying thieves who should get shut down.

If you want to call the news ( consumer reports) I'd be willing to join you with my story.


Most banks have notarys available without charging. Even if they do charge it is only $3-$5...

to Anonymous #1050086

The point is I shouldn't have to pay a dime to get reimbursed for having my hair ruined. It's not ethical

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